5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Mood

Got a case of the Mondays? No one likes to be in a bad mood, but sometimes stress and anxiety take hold! Even the most positive people have bad days every now and then. What can you do to combat it and get yourself out of a funk? Here are 5 of my tried and true bad mood busters!


For me, certain music can certainly relax me, alleviate stress and put me in a happy mood! Try one of my playlists for an instant musical lift!


Get yourself off the couch and out the door! Whether you go for a run, or take a yoga class, you will feel better! You can’t be in a bad mood after being good to your body! Try these tips from Pinterest!


I know that on my worst mood days, having a nice cookie, cupcake or treat will lift my spirits. If you’re feeling down, embrace the power of food. Go ahead, enjoy the pizza.


If you’ve read a few posts on SnapGinger, you’re no stranger to my dog Roxy. She is the little light of my life and I am instantly in a better mood when I see her little butt wiggle. But it’s not just her, all pets have the ability to lighten any mood. They are happy by nature and can’t help but make everyone around them happy too!


I love my beauty nights- the bf is out, the dog is relaxing with me, and I get to pamper myself. I slap on a face mask, maybe some cooling cucumber over my eyes, and rub some super whipped lotion into my hands and feet. Add on a hair mask if you have time too! I am instantly in a good mood after taking care of myself!

What do you do to get rid of your bad mood days?


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