How to Clean Your Keurig

Believe it or not, I do have a full time real-life job! And at our office, I take on the office manager role, in addition to my regular duties. I went on an early Spring Cleaning spree the other day in the office, picking up some new cleaning products. In addition to a scrubber sponge, dish soap and baking soda, I picked up some vinegar to clean the Keurig. Say what?! Yes!

You may already use vinegar as a natural cleaner in your home, but you can also use it on your Keurig machine too! It will clear any residue that builds up, and help you to make fresher tasting coffee! I use it at home on our regular coffee maker.

To clean it I add half vinegar and half water to the maker, and run it through. Then I run it through once more with just water, and the coffee maker is clean as a whistle! Keurigs have a few more moving parts and are a bit more complicated to clean, so I’ve linked up some of my favorite How Tos!

Do you have any tips or tricks for cleaning your Keurig?


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