Infinite Wisdom for Women’s History Month

This is post two in a series inspired by Across Women’s Lives. I am participating in the #WomensLives campaign, run through BlogHer, and I am again inspired by one of the feature articles!

The post is titled “Ten ways women think outside the box,” and is a celebration of women’s wisdom in honor of Women’s History Month. The month itself celebrates “the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society,” while the article hones in on wisdom and life lessons that the authors has collected over time. A few of these lessons struck me as invaluable.

The lesson that health is more than medicine is incredibly important to remember in our daily lives. Sometimes we put too much on ourselves and suffer because of stress. And sometimes we forget just how fortunate we are to have a warm bed, good food and clothes on our back. The takeaway is that health “[is] about whether we can live a whole life.”

Another lesson the on the chosen family is especially poignant to me. I am an only child and have chosen my sisters (aka my friends) to be by my side in good times and in bad. Over the years I have grown less close with some friends, and closer with others, always making sure that both of our best interests are at heart. The takeaway is that your chosen family can be a source of power, and can lift you up and keep you grounded.

The last lesson that resonated with me is the crooked room scenario. A scientific study is referenced, in which some people could justify a titled room to themselves as normal. If you’re the only one who thinks the room is crooked, does that make you the crazy one? NO. I think that makes you the smart one. The takeaway is that we should always strive to get the most correct information on any topic and realize when we’re being tilted.

I hope you enjoyed this post about #womenslives! Happy Women’s History Month!


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