Gardening 101: Planting Seeds

Are you looking to grow your own garden at home this year? Your Home & Garden Center will sell plants that have already gotten a head start. So one option is to pick those up later in the Spring season and plant them right in the ground. Another option is to pick up seeds and start your own plants at home! Now is the perfect time to get a head start on your own amazing fresh organic produce! I’ve outlined the steps for you here, in the first installment of Gardening 101 here on SnapGinger!

Planting Seeds

Buy the seeds and the planter: Seeds can be picked up at your local Home & Garden Center, or on Amazon. Planters can be found at the store as well, or on Amazon too! Love Amazon!


Optional, but recommended: Buy a planting heating pad and indoor light. We didn’t use the heating pad last year and it’s made such a difference this year! The seedlings are outgrowing the planter!


Use good soil: Mix it with water to moisten prior to adding it to the planter.

Plant the seeds: Use a small gardening shovel to plant your seeds in the soil. Keep a detailed record of what seeds you’re planting where. Unlike buying plants that are labeled, you won’t know what you are transfering in the garden.

Record their progress: Do this throughout the growing period, which varies by plant, but is listed on the seed packets.

Water the plants regularly: Do not let the plants get dry! They need water and sunlight to grow and get strong!

Mind the packet: Each packet will contain info specific to that particular plant, so make sure to follow any special instructions listed. Each plant will need to be transferred to the garden at different times, so you will want to read the packets carefully to know when to move what!

In my next post I will cover how to grow the plants in your garden, so stay tuned for more Gardening 101 here on SnapGinger!

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