5 Best Tips for Staying Organized

Spring is a time for a fresh start: a feeling of overall rebirth in in the air, Spring cleaning is in full force, and we’re all digging out from the Winter. Why not take this opportunity to get yourself organized?! Whether you have a few items that you feel are out of place, or you need a total overhaul of your system, my 5 steps can help!


Make lists.. of anything and everything! Tasks to complete, restaurants you’d like to try, places to visit on a vacation, RSVPs for an upcoming event, the list goes on. List out all.the.things.


Use reminders.. whether on your phone or PC, in your calendar app, or in a notebook. You can use technology to remind you of appointments, upcoming events, addresses for where you need to be and when, etc. Or go analog and write these things down in a handy datebook or notebook!


Enlist help.. from your family, friends and co-workers. If I need to get organized in a hurry, I make sure my honey understands the goal and I ask for his help. A fresh set of eyes can really make a difference when it seems like everything is a jumble!


Have a place for everything.. you know the rest. But stick to it, put everything back where it belongs! I do this on a daily basis, either before I leave the house for work or when I get home. Sometimes I take care of straightening up before heading to bed. If I am using something only for a short period of time, I make sure to return it to it’s place when I’m done. As long as you set aside a few minutes a day to put things away, you won’t run into a situation where everything is all over the place! 


Purge and keep yourself current.. Don’t let piles of old bills or mail pile up. Sort it and throw out what is junk and file what is important. The same applies to the clothes in your closet! Weed through the dog toys, food in the pantry, the fridge and even old DVDs and books. Donate what you can and throw out the remainders.

How do you stay organized?


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