5 Amazing YouTubers to Follow!

I never really understood the appeal of YouTube until I got a dog. Then I got really into looking up adorable Boston Terrier videos- and so did my mom. But even that passed, as I started just watching my own zany Boston and her shenanigans. Then I discovered beauty tutorials on YouTube, and I was once again hooked! I’ve linked up a few of my favorite beauty bloggers below. They feature tutorials, product reviews and general entertainment. I also linked up a YouTuber who focuses on cleaning that I recently stumbled upon. It is amazing the tips you pick up from these talented ladies! Click on each banner to visit their channels!

Kallie is so entertaining, and has introduced me to some of my favorite drugstore makeup items. She holds battles of different products (like drugstore concealers) and demonstrates how each product goes on and stays on. This is incredibly helpful! She also blogs at But First, Coffee, and I am a huge fan!

Carli is a major beauty blogger, watch one of her videos and you can easily see why! She is a fellow Jersey girl, and is incredibly entertaining, and so gorgeous! It’s amazing to see her makeup techniques and trasnformations. She really has fun with it, and gives honest recommendations!

Clean My Space is a new channel for me, but one that I quickly became obsessed with. I linked up one of their videos for my How to Clean your Keurig post, because it is so informative. All of the videos are detailed and easy to follow!

Dani is adorable, and you will find yourself singing along to her little intro after watching a few videos. She turned me on to my most favoritist Urban Decay makeup and I can’t thank her enough for that! She is beautiful and does really great and thorough reviews!

Kelly is so freakin cute, I just love her. She makes me laugh in each one of her videos, you certainly won’t find another beauty blogger like Kelly! You will always leave entertained after watching the Six One Six channel!

Who are some of your favorite YourTubers?!


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