How to Make a Spring Wreath

A few weeks ago, we finally took down the remnant “Winter” decorations from our home. I’m not talking Christmas decorations, just really a beautiful metallic gold pine cone wreath that was in our dining room. The space looked empty once we took it down, and my honey and I decided we needed a replacement. We headed to Michael’s to pick one up. This was our first time sourcing a flowery Spring wreath, so we had no idea that they were over $60 each! I looked at each option and none of them was perfect, so I decided to make one myself!!

We picked up a grapevine wreath, assorted flowers and greenery and an awesome chevron bow. I came home, got out the hot glue gun, wire cutters and got to work. I was SO pleased with the results, that we ended up hanging the fun Spring wreath on our front door! 

We ended up spending a little under $50 (who knew flowers were that expensive) but the look was exactly what we wanted, and we will use this wreath for years to come! It was pretty easy, and fun, so I have shared my tutorial for you here!

PS- About a week later I found a beautiful wreath filled with succulents for our dining room on sale at Pier1. It was a great price, and it doesn’t look out of season to me, and we both love it!

How to Make a Spring Wreath

1 grapevine wreath in the size of your choice
several bunches of flowers, or single flowers in your desired color scheme
several bunches of greenery and leaves
bow (optional)
hot glue gun and glue refills
wire cutters
floral wire

1. Start by laying out your wreath base, and all of your flowers. You should get a sense of how many flowers you will need based on how much of the base you would like to cover. Remember that if you’re using a bow, you will need to leave empty space either at the top or bottom of the wreath.
2. Try laying out some of your flowers and leaves to see how they will look on the wreath. This takes some trial and error, but feel free to trim down some of the stems with your wire cutters to poke the flowers in to get a sense of how the wreath will come together.
3. I like a balanced, but not symmetrical wreath. After I tested the bow on the top of the wreath, I decided that I liked it on the bottom, and went from there. I tried to balance out the greenery on both sides of the bow, but kept the flowers more random, more like a traditional bouquet. Feel free to cheat and look at images on Pinterest to get inspiration from, or copy. I saw a great image in Michaels advertising the bow itself, and piggybacked from there for my concept.
4. You can begin to glue your flowers into place once you have your arrangement set. To make the wreath visually interesting, do something unexpected, like snipping some of the leaves from the floral stems, and layering them over the other greenery you chose as your base, and gluing flower buds sporadically over this arrangement. 
5. Lastly, I secured the bow to the front of the wreath, and secured floral wire to the top of the wreath to give me something to hang it from.

I couldn’t be happier with how the wreath turned out, and I encourage you to make your own wreath. Whether its for Spring or Summer, or a great Memory Wreath for the holidays, this is an easy and fun craft!


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