Dressing up Your Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Wrap

I don’t know about you, but I have so many friends getting married, having babies, moving into their first homes and lot’s of other gifts to buy. One of my favorite places to buy from is Bed Bath and Beyond. They always have everything, and oh those coupons! I actually really love their gift wrap also, it’s neutral enough but still looks really nice. My only issue is the bow, or lack thereof. And that godawful purple ribbon.

I have a Bridal Shower coming up, and I ordered the item online, and had it gift wrapped. When it showed up at my door, it looked great, it was just missing some adornment. I picked up some metallic curly ribbon at Michaels and decided to make my own bow. Here’s how I did it!

Dressing up your Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Wrap

curling ribbon in the color of your choosing
washi tape (optional)

1. Grab your ribbon and scissors.
2. Cut 10-12 strands all around the same length. Mine were about a foot long each.
3. Grab each strand by the middle, approximately, and stack them between your fingers.
4. Staple the strands together a few times. Hold the staples and curl your ribbon with your scissors.
5. Tape onto your package with washi tape. If you don’t have any on hand, use another piece of ribbon to cover the staples and use regular tape to attach to the box!
6. I ended up adding some pre-made bows as well to accept the ribbon, since this box is huge, but you shouldn’t need to on a standard size gift box.

Happy wrapping!


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