How I Contour My Face

If you’re a Makeup and Beauty lover like me, you know that Contouring is here to stay. After watching some beauty videos and reading up on it, I started using different powders and creams to contour my face and neck. I’m not talking Kardashian style or anything, but, before this new routine, I was a bronzer or blush only girl. Then I dabbled in highlighters, because they are just so pretty! Now I don’t feel complete without at least a bit of contour.  I don’t fully sculpt my face, but you certainly can use contouring to reduce a large nose or forehead. I try to keep it natural looking and use my contouring method to highlight my features. Here are my steps for how I contour my face!

Above you’ll find my key to the ultimate contour. You will need 3 products: Blush, Contour and Highlighter. You can use creams or powders, just be sure to set any creams with a powder to make them last. Your contour shade should be 4-5 times darker than your skin tone, and should be gray toned if possible (as opposed to orangey). The highlighter can be matte or shimmery, in a nice pale neutral color or a champagne or gold shimmer. This is all depending on the look you’re going for. My personal favorite products are listed below!

I’ve created a key above to match up the blush, highlight and contour sections on my “map” below.

Using the map above, I apply contour first, then my highlight than blush.

I start by contouring the hollows of my cheeks to slim the face. I carry that up to my forehead and down to the edge of my jaw bone. I then contour down my neck and blend everything in really well! I like to apply with a brush or a stick If I’m using a cream contour, and blend everything in with a Beauty Blender. I will set it with a powder last, but only after I’m done applying all creams. If I’m using a powder contour, I will blend in with the same brush I applied the contour with, being careful not to add any additional product.

I come back in with my highlight shade. I stick to mostly powders for this, but have seen quite a few beauty bloggers who have used creams. I like to use a matte highlight on my forehead, chin and on my cheeks, and blend it down my neck. I like to use a shimmer highlight on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupid’s bow. I swear by The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer, it is absolutely my favorite highlight shade ever! I sometimes will use it in the inner corner of my eyes for an extra pop! I use my fingers a lot for this step, since they make for really great blending tools. If you’re using a brush, be sure to blend everything together so there are not harsh lines between your highlight and contour.

Last I add blush to the apples of my cheeks. I love using a nice rosy pink, or a coral for some pop in the warmer months. This step really makes you look awake and refreshed. If i’m using a cream to powder blush, like Maybelline Dream Bouncy, I will use my fingers to apply and blend the blush up towards my temples. I will then go back in with my powder to set my contour and highlight. Beauty pro tip: Don’t ever apply creams after powders- it will be a hot cakey mess!

Here are my favorite contouring products and tools, all available on Amazon, using my affiliate links. Widgets

Do you have any tips and tricks from your contouring routine?


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