Plan a Better Shower- Be a Better Bridesmaid

Thanks for joining me again for my Be a Better Bridesmaid Series! One element of being a Bridesmaid is helping to plan the Bridal Shower. The Shower is the one wedding event that is truly all about the Bride. This makes it very important, and very personal. The best way to Be a Better Bridesmaid is to Plan a Better Shower. Just like the wedding day kiss, remember to KISS yourself- Keep It Simple Stupid! Focus on a few elements to really highlight the Bride and how much you care for her! I’ve simplified the process into 5 steps and added a few tips and tricks. Follow these and you’re on your way to nailing the best Bridal Shower!

How Plan a Bridal Shower in 5 Steps

1. Choose the Venue and Theme

First you should reach out to the bridal party and get a consensus for the 3 or 4 best weekends for the Shower. Then you can call the venues on your list and find out when they are available for the Shower. The venue will help you to determine the theme that you decide with. Renting a garden space? You can throw a Tea Party Shower! Having the event at an artisanal pizza restaurant? Maybe try an Italiano theme, with wine and Italian pastries for dessert!

Once you’ve selected your venue and booked the date, move onto the theme. This will set the tone for how you plan the rest of the Shower! Here are a few of my favorite theme ideas:

Parisian theme: serve specialty cookies, French food, French wine and champagne, make it interesting with special food and wine pairings explained by the in house sommelier, gift Eiffel Tower wine stoppers as favors 

Lemonade theme: serve pink lemonade cupcakes, mini lemon meringue pies on cake stands, a lemonade bar with fruit wedges and syrups to add, decorate with fresh lemons in glass vases, gift lemon lip balm as favors

Tea Party theme: serve tea sandwiches, petit fours, decorate with tea pot centerpieces filled with flowers, gift candles made in vintage tea cups as favors

Donuts & Daydreams theme: serve a giant donut cake coated with bright icing and sprinles, coffee and latte bar, donuts stacked on tiered cake plates, donut “rings” with bling toothpicks, decorate with donut pillows, a donut apron for the Bride to wear, gift custom coffee cups as favors

2. Getting the Guests and Bride There

Once you have the date and location information, you can create invites. If you’re bold enough, you can design and print your own using PicMonkey. Otherwise, you can leave it to the pros, like Minted, and select one of their amazing designs!

Grab the guest list from the Bride and then keep her guessing as to the date and location for her Shower. This means getting the Groom involved. He will have to come up with some tricks to make the Bride think she is headed to her Shower well before the actual date. This way, she won’t see it coming on the actual weekend!

3. Decide on the Menu and Special Treats

I touched on some menu ideas in step 1, but you will need to work with your venue or caterer to build out a full meal for your guests. Depending on the time of day, you might want to serve breakfast and lunch items for brunch. Setting up a buffet allows guests to select exactly what they are in the mood for. Serving dishes family style will get guests talking and sharing more than just a meal together!

The most fun part of the food is serving a special dessert! Whether you’re going with cookies, cupcakes or a special cake made with the Bride in mind, presentation is key. You can also serve items that will also double as edible favors, yum!

4. Set up Games and Activities

Other than chatting, eating, and watching the Bride open her gifts, sometimes Showers can be a bit boring. Liven it up with some fun Shower games! This will get people interacting, and will surely get some laughs. Here are a few of my favorite Shower game ideas:

Newlywed Game– Quiz the Groom prior to the Shower and ask the Bride the same series of questions the day of. See how many answers they match!

Bridal Bingo– Hand out blank Bingo cards and pens and ask guests to fill in the boxes with what gifts they think the Bride will receive at the Shower. As the Bride opens the gifts, the guests check off the boxes. Award prizes for the first, second and third to Bingo! 

To start your own round of Bridal Bingo, feel free to edit and print the blank Bingo card below! I’ve left space for the name and date information above, and included instructions below! 

Bridal Bingo, free file to edit and print! 

Bridal Bingo, free file to edit and print! 

5. Special Details & Decor

They say the devil is in the details. Why not show the Bride just how much you care by going above and beyond for her special day! These details are the things that will really set your Bride’s Shower apart from the others! 

Work on decor for the Shower beyond flowers. Personalized and painted wine bottles, signs and banners will let the Bride know you care! Do the Bride and Groom love taking photos? Print out their Instagram pics as 3×3 photos using FoxGram and display them at the shower. Give them a binder and photo sleeves from A Beautiful Mess to complete the special gift!

Something personalized is always sure to be a big hit. Take inspiration from the fantastic Kristi Murphy and create custom coasters, pillows and banners that coordinate with your invites! These make great gifts for the Bride and favors for your guests!

Take the traditional Wishing Well idea and turn it on it’s head. You can request that guests bring lottery tickets since the couple is already lucky in love! Send out recipe cards with the invite and ask that guests fill them out and bring them to the Shower. You can compile a recipe book or box for the Bride to make for her new Hubby. How about having the guests contribute their best date night ideas? Set out posicle sticks for guests to write their ideas on with permanent markers and a mason jar to fill with ideas!

For many more Bridal Shower ideas to help you plan a better shower, check out my Be a Better Bridesmaid board on Pinterest!

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