10 Easy Healthy Breakfasts

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and some people love breakfast so much, they have it for lunch, or even dinner. Any of you like that? {slowly raises hand} I would eat breakfast every meal of the day if I could, so I rounded up some of my favorite ideas for easy and healthy breakfast options!


(check out all of my recipe options here)

Breakfast burritos

Frozen homemade waffles

(just make a large batch at once on a Saturday, enjoy on the weekend and freeze the extras! Pop them in the toaster just like an Eggo)

Avocado toast


(there are so many options for toppings and mix ins!)

Cottage cheese with citrus fruit

(this one is my personal favorite!)

Yogurt and granola

Pb&b english muffin

(Peanut butter and berries!)

Baked eggs

(recipe here

Mini Quinoa Cups

(ham & cheese option here, but there are so many variations to consider!) 


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