Be a Better Bridesmaid – Bachelorette Bash!

I love me some alliteration, and today’s post really does the trick: Be a Better Bridesmaid – Bachelorette Bash! Welcome back to my Be a Better Bridesmaid Series, and welcome to one of the most important posts! If you can’t party hearty with your ladies one last time while you’re single, what’s the point of getting married at all?! 😉

I am in the process of recovering from my bestie’s Bachelorette Bash, and I wanted to share some of the ideas I came upon while planning the festivities. I also have some tips on treats, favors, staying safe and having a blast!

Bachelorette Bash Ideas

Fancy schmancy dinner and dancing
Make sure to set expectations for cost, and let everyone know you will be covering the Bride’s meal. Also consider setting a dress code, perhaps the girls in black, so the Bride stands out in white! Or try pink, sequin or blue! If the restaurant is BYO, you can DIY some mini (or full size, let’s be honest) wine bottles for each guest in attendance! Make custom labels, or cover the bottles with mod podge and glitter!

Karaoke Party
As long as your Bride isn’t shy, why not put everyone on display with a karaoke party?! You can do this at someone’s home, or head to a karaoke bar. Private rooms can be rented, and most places offer open bar packages, complete with apps! Why not make it a decade specific night, say 80s, and stick to everyone’s fave 80s songs and 80s clothing. Give out scrunchies, neon wayfarers and mesh gloves so everyone is photo ready.

Pole Dancing Class & Cocktails
Share a new experience with your favorite ladies as you learn from a pro. Pole Dancing classes aren’t just fun and sexy, they’re great exercise! Have some post dancing cocktails and giggle about the new moves you learned, and where you might try them out 😉 Use iron on transfers to make custom shirts for the attendees, or get some printed up professionally.

Ski Trip
If the timing works, why not hit the slopes with your besties? Have people who don’t ski? Most mountains have resorts offering spa services and special hills for tubing, so there is something for everyone. You can rent a house for the group, and get some winter hats for everyone, so they’re cozy and stylish on the hill. Don’t forget to print out my winter packing list and hand it out!

Tropical Vaca
On the opposite end of the spectrum is the tropical beach vacation. Lounge around poolside, splash in the surf and feel the sand between your toes. What better send off into married bliss than this? Make up welcome bags for each guest complete with sunglasses, nail polish and sunscreen- because what girl can ever have enough of those?!

Wine & Dine Trip
Whether you have time for a wine weekend, or only a day trip, you can enjoy local wineries and food pairings in almost any location. Hire a limo to drive you to the vineyards and home again for a day trip, and consider a day tour for longer trips. This way everyone stays safe, no drinking and driving! Have some custom wine bottle bags made so everyone can take home their purchases in style!

Yoga & Spa Om-scape
Do you love to get your zen on? There are plenty of hotels that offer yoga classes on site free to guests, just choose a relaxing locale. Hit up the spa after you are stretched and feeling good. A great gift would be a yoga mat for each Bachelorette attendee.

Hiking and Glamping
I am not the biggest fan of camping, but glamping sounds absolutely divine. Find a local glamp site and book some cabins for the ladies interested in attending. Map out some great hiking routes, and remind everyone to pack comfy boots or sneakers. Consider gifting everyone a compass, and be sure to pack plenty of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. S’mores party!!

BYO Painting Class
A friend of mine and I had the best time at a BYO painting class last year and all we thought was how much more fun it would be with a larger group! You can reserve a studio for the afternoon, and bring your own wine, beer, snacks and treats. Rainbow paint palette cupcakes anyone?

Dinner & a Show
Whether the Bride is a theater fan, or her favorite band is in town one upcoming weekend, attending a live event with your girls is super fun! This is another event idea that calls for custom shirts, why not make it known that you’re all celebrating the lovely Bride-to-be?! You’re only a Bride once (hopefully)! Again, you will want to set expectations for the restaurant pricing, and let everyone know that you will be covering the Bride’s meal. 


Bride-to-Be Gift Bag
Pack up a special gift that includes a special wine glass or cup, Bride shirt, head wear or crown, meaningful trinkets, lot’s of ring pops, and anything event specific!

Stock up on ring pops so everyone can wear some “bling,” “He Popped the Question” popcorn, powdered donuts with tiny diamond toothpicks, sprinkle cookies and lots of beverage options. If you’re choosing a specific color for your theme, tie in the snacks so that everything coordinates well!

Make up a hashtag specific for the event and make sure to post it for all guests. Download my free Bachelorette Bash sign, add in your bride’s details and hashtag and print it out! I used the font “Good Vibes” for the text. It prints well in a 4×6 or 5×7 size, ready for framing!

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable - customize and Print!

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable – customize and Print!

Here's the printable in action at my bestie's Bachelorette Bash!

Here’s the printable in action at my bestie’s Bachelorette Bash!

Buddy System
Impart a buddy system so that no girl is left behind and everyone is watching someone’s back.

Hangover Remedies
Not every bad decision can be helped, but picking up some hangover remedies can counteract some of the damage done. Make sure to read the packaging, as some are meant to be taken prior to drinking, while some are for the next day.

Use small signs to label the food you’re serving so everyone can easily identify what goodies they’d like to try! I’ve include the 4 that I used for my bestie’s Bachelorette Bash below. Feel free to print them out to use at the next bash you’re planning! I printed them out as 4×6 images on regular printer paper, and taped index cards to the back of mine to make them sturdier when tented!

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable Signs! 

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable Signs! 

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable Signs! 

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable Signs! 

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable Signs! 

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable Signs! 

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable Signs! 

Free Bachelorette Bash Printable Signs! 

Follow my tips and tricks and you’re on your way to an awesome celebration! Most of all, have fun, and make sure the Bride is enjoying herself, this might be her last chance to let loose before it’s wedding crunch time!

Read more tips & tricks on being a Better Bridesmaid in my series!


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