My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

I don’t know about some people, but, for me, I can’t just roll out of bed and go. I do not feel comfortable with a totally blank face, messy hair and without a neat outfit on. This doesn’t mean a full face and pumps with a ‘do everyday, but I do take the time to apply some makeup, put on a collared shirt (even with boyfriend jeans and chic flats) and tame my tresses. Sometimes you are running so late that you have no time to get ready, such is life. 

During those times, I still take 5 minutes for me, and for this makeup routine. Here’s how I do it!

1 minute: BB Cream, apply  with fingers, blend out with beauty blender to make sure it’s even (my fave below)

Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream

30 seconds: Concealer, apply to dark under eye circles, redness and blemishes, and to cover your eyelids (no veins here)

30 seconds: Translucent powder (or your shade for more coverage), to set entire face and concealer

1 minute: Bronzer to warm the face, applied below cheekbones, under chin and around forehead (follow my contour guidelines for this)- you’re not contouring though, just warming

30 seconds: Brows, use a thin pencil (suggestions below), brush through with spoolie and set with wax or clear brow gel (optional)

NYX Micro Brow Pencil
Anastasia Brow Wiz

1 minute: Mascara, use something with a lot of volume and oomph, which will really wake you up and make you look much more put-together, take the time to curl your lashes and really stamp the mascara on the upper lash line. Your eyes will look tight-lined without any of the effort!

30 seconds: Highlight your cheekbones, and pop a little in the inner corner of your eye to look bright and fresh!

Swipe on some lip balm or gloss on your way out the door, if you’re so inclined, and you’re ready to go!

I am a total Youtube makeup video junkie lately, so I’ve linked up some of my favorite super easy no-makeup or quick make up tutorials below! Show some love to these great vloggers and subscribe and thumbs up these videos!

KathleenLights, what can I say?! I love love love this girl, I can’t get enough of her channel!!

Ingrid is so quirky, I can’t take it, she’s hilarious!

Does Carli ever not look insanely gorgeous?! She’s my makeup hero!

What’s your 5 minute makeup routine?!


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