The Best Travel Planning App

If you’re anything like me, you like to get yourself organized before a trip. Whether it’s packing your carry-on or making an itinerary, keeping everything together really helps for a relaxing vacation. When a friend recommended I try a new app called Trip-o-Matic, I was excited. But once I started using it, I was ecstatic! It makes planning a vacation, especially one with multiple destinations, a cinch! And it’s fun to use, with the interactive map and the app, it’s super user friendly!

Take a trip with me through Trip-o-Matic!

You start by creating an account and setting up a new trip! Here I’m using my recent California trip as an example.

You select the place(s) you’re going to be visiting and the dates of your trip, and then get planning the itinerary!

Trip-o-Matic has a list of suggestions loaded for a huge number of cities, all you need to do is scroll through, and add the item to your itinerary. You can also add in some “off the beaten path” places that you discover online and add them in by address.

You can set an amount of time you think you’ll spend at each place, which is then tallied up to give you an idea of how long your day will take you. You can also add in notes, for example, the recommended dish at the restaurant your co-worker suggested!

Each day expands to show you a map of how to get to each place, and walking and driving times. Pre-populated notes on each item are also included, so you can decide on the fly what you’re getting into!

Lastly, you can add in your hotel info, and each day the itinerary will start from your hotel and get you back there at night! You can set up the entire trip from your PC and download a pdf, print it out and bring it with you to bring on the plane. You can also edit on the fly by using the Trip-o-Matic app. 

Trip-o-Matic makes travel planning such a breeze! What is your favorite travel app?!


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