Blogging Behind the Scenes

I can’t believe it’s already June! June has a special significance for me, because it’s the month of my bloggiversary! Next week I will have been blogging at for 1 year! Man how that flew by, because I have so much fun doing it. In honor of the momentous occasion, I decided to give my readers a sneak peek at the all the behind the scenes glory of #bloglife!

First up is my platform: I use SquareSpace to run I find it extremely user friendly, and I love the way I can easily update posts, pages, photos and other info on the site. I also love that they take care of hosting. I purchased my domain when I started, and SquareSpace helps me to integrate my domain, Google email address, social networks, affiliate links, and comment platform all in one!

My blog planner is right up there with SquareSpace as far as vital blogging materials! I won this beauty from Plum Paper Planner from Seriously, Sarah? and I am so in love. I use it to map out my daily content, and can see my month at a glance. SnapGinger is broken out into three main topics: Beauty, Eats and Living.  I use different colored mini post its to see  how my months are stacking up as far as content variety.

I also have a few series and specialty topics that I blog about, like Being a Better Bridesmaid, What to do in NJ, and Blog Life Blog Tips! I keep myself organized and record all new ideas and notes for myself in my planner. It’s a real lifesaver, and I couldn’t blog without it!

My photo equipment comes next, because a blog is only as good as it’s photos. My phone takes some awesome pics (I am a Samsung Galaxy girl) but my honey surprised me last Christmas with a sweet Canon Powershot, which really helped me to up my blog pic game. 

I also researched some tips and tricks for lighting (natural light only!), a clean white background (foam board anyone) and learned that you need to take about 47 pics to get 3-4 keepers! 🙂

Here are a few behind the scenes shots pre-edit from my beauty by Modere post. As you can see, cropping can make all the difference. 

Which brings me to my next behind-the-scenes blogging love: PicMonkey for photo editing! 

I mean, is there anything more glorious than a gorgeous header?! And the fun you have being creative and creating it! Or the magical transformation of a sub-par photo into an awesome and interesting pic?! I think not! Thank you PicMonkey, for saving me over the last year!





Last, but not least, there would be no blog without the support of my friends and family, and my readers too!

I love you guys, and thank you for reading, commenting and supporting and inspiring me on a daily basis!


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