Be a Better Bridesmaid with 3 DIYs You Can Handle!

Welcome to the latest installment of my Be a Better Bridesmaid Series! Today we’re talking DIYs that any Bridesmaid can tackle. Doing one, or all, of these will for sure turn you into Super Bridesmaid! Whether your Bride-to-Be needs some decor inspiration, or you would like to do something special for her, I’ve got some ideas for you! These DIYs are easy, and require very few items to make.

I’ve included lots of photos, tips, tricks and important steps to keep in mind when getting your craft on! Without further ado, here are my fave 3 DIYs!

Decorative Wine Bottles

This is a really fun DIY! Mainly because, it requires you to collect wine bottles- and who doesn’t love an excuse to drink more wine?! The supplies for these are easy to get and inexpensive: wine bottles, washed, dried, labels removed, spray paint, mod podge and glitter. Check out my steps below!

I worked with the Maid of Honor on these bottles, and we ended up using them for the Bridal Shower. The Bride loved them so much, she used them at the wedding on all the cocktail tables! Talk about bang for your buck! I used the spray paint on all of my bottles, using painters tape to make different patterns on the bottles. The MOH used the mod podge and glitter, in addition to some spray paint, to create the patterns on her bottles. We both followed the same basic steps, illustrated and explained below!

I collected wine, beer and champagne bottles of all colors and sizes. If you’re planning on taping off sections to create stripes, then you’ll want to work with clear or frosted white wine bottles. If you have darker red wine or beer bottles, those can be covered completely in the spray paint and mod podge. We opted for gold, to go with the Bride’s color scheme, and it’s a really versatile color! The spray paint I linked above is gorgeous, and looked amazing after one coat. I sprayed outside in my garage, making sure the area was well ventilated. I put the bottles inside old cardboard boxes to catch the excess spray, and rotated them to cover all sides. Make sure you take a step back when spraying, and make quick, light strokes. Loading up on the spray paint will cause drips! Remove the painters tape when you’re done to expose the patterns!

When removing the labels from your bottles, leave yourself plenty of time. I worked in stages and let my bottles soak overnight. I filled them with warm soapy water and set them upright in a bucket with 4-5 of their friends, and then filled the bucket with hot soapy water. After they soaked the labels peeled off pretty easily. I used a scour sponge to remove some of the glue, and some Goo Gone on the remainder. This is the longest part of the entire process!

Instagram Photo Book

An Instagram photo book makes a nice keepsake, and is something wonderful to DIY for your Bride! I picked up a Messy Book, in a not-too-bridal black and white stripe pattern, and some additional inserts and used a little creativity for this one!

There are quite a few sites now that allow you to print out your pics from Instagram, or from your files, in the 3″x3″ size. These work perfectly in this album. You can also display these photos at a shower or wedding, in a frame or strung up on some ribbon (mini clothespins anyone).

To add an extra special touch, I cut up some neon index cards into 3″x3″ size, using my trusty paper trimmer, linked below, and put them in some of the slots in the album. Not only do these add a pop of color, but the lined sides give your Bride somewhere to record special memories!

This is one DIY keepsake that any Bride is sure to treasure!

DIY Escort Cards

For the escort cards, using the right products is key. You will need some high quality glitter paper, a paper cutter and some printable labels. Make sure to buy whatever labels work best with your type of printer (ink jet vs. laser jet). If the Bride has a particular wedding font in mind, download it to keep everything consistent. Often times you can get it for free! Below are links to all of the products I used for the labels, please note, these are affiliate links. I was able to make enough cards for a 170 guest wedding with 1 of each of these items!

Here is an illustrated guide to how I created the labels, keep scrolling for the steps!

As you can see, the paper is super glittery! But, it’s not glitter paper, in the sense that, the glitter does not come off! It’s almost like it was coated with a layer of mod podge to keep all that glitter where it’s supposed to be, on the paper, not on guest’s hands! Awesome stuff!

Since the paper is 12″x12″, I decided to maximize the sizing and cut 3″x6″ cards. When folded over and tented, these make 3″x3″ escort cards (noticing a trend here?!). I used the ruler on the paper cutter to measure my cuts and went to town! For the names, I went with circular labels to make them really different, and found the Avery ones in a 2.5″ circle, which left just enough of the gold glitter showing, while leaving me plenty of room to display names and table numbers. I downloaded a template and used my mail merge wizard in Word to transform the Bride’s table number spreadsheet into these amazing labels!

In order to make a crisp fold on the cards, I smoothed over the fold with the broad end of a butter knife. I then placed the labels on the cards, trying my best to center the labels, and stacked the cards alphabetically. I weighed down the cards to maintain the fold, but also make sure the adhesive wasn’t lifting prior to the big day! Here is the finished product (with a little editing so I didn’t expose any guests names on the interwebs!)

Each of these DIYs was super easy, fun to do, and made for maximum inpact. Next time you ask the Bride if she needs help and she says “No,” why not suggest an awesome DIY that you can make for her?!


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