Easy Summer Lemonade

Mmmmmm lemonade! So refreshing, great for a backyard BBQ or a fancy party, and the perfect medium to add alcohol to 😉 How much better can it get?! Well, I’m about to elevate your basic lemonade with 3 options for flavor variations that are delicious and easy! Make a pitcher of your favorite homemade lemonade, or defrost the frozen kind, no judgement here. Gather your ingredients and pucker up!

Want to add a kick to your lemonade? Make a spicy lemonade by adding some jalapeno simple syrup and a hot pepper garnish. Add a teaspoon at a time, as this stuff can be potent. You can always add more syrup, but making it fiery hot might scare away your guests! Looking to turn this into a more adult beverage? Try vodka, tequila or beer with this variation! Click below for my jalapeno simple syrup recipe!

How fun of a word is pulverized?! I love it, and I love doing it to fruits. There’s no better use for slightly overripe fruit than smashing it up and adding it to drinks. Water, seltzer and especially lemonade work so well with a sweet strawberry, blueberry or peach addition. You can even defrost frozen fruits, muddle, and stir those into your pitcher for great color and flavor! Save a whole strawberry, peach wedge or skewer of blueberries for garnish! Or, why not garnish with some fresh mint?! A splash of vodka would turn this into an epic summer cocktail!

I love me some grapefruit, and adding a few slices of grapefruit to lemonade is delicious! Squeeze out some fresh juice and garnish with a wedge and you’ve elevated your basic lemonade. Prefer lime? Add lime juice, fresh lime slices and garnish the rim with salt and a lime wedge for a margarita inspired lemonade (which happens to be great with tequila, just saying). Lastly, a sweeter option would be to add in some orange juice and fresh orange slices. This concoction works so well when you add a little bit of an orange wheat beer, like Blue Moon, or a lemon beer like a Leinenkugel’s!.

Enjoy! Happy Sipping!


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