The Easiest Scrapbook I’ve Ever Made

This Spring my honey and I took a trip to the West Coast (best coast?!) and had an amazing time! Instead of sharing my customary “a weekend in” spread, I decided to share the scrapbook I created from the trip! It was the EASIEST scrapbook I’ve ever made! (And they are not paying me to say that, and I purchased the materials and book with my own money!) Here is the full photo tutorial, tips, tricks and deets on our Yosemite, San Francisco scrapbook.

Before I went on vacation, I picked up a Smash Book (so many color options!), washi tape (lots of options out there and so easy to use),  some specialty stickers from Michael’s (try any craft store for these), a few embellishments (totally optional, all linked below) and gathered my scissors and some paper scraps and fun markers I had around the house! That’s IT! The Smash Book is already decked out with “scrapbook paper” pages, and comes with a combo pen/glue stick. I mean, how simple?! It even has pockets, for storing large items or things you don’t want to cut up. You could, and I’ve seen a few people do this, bring the Smash book with you and scrapbook on the go. You can add in mementos to the book and add photos and embellish when you get home.

Above I’ve included some photos of the pages (this is exactly how they come in the book! how cool?!) and the supplies that I used. I also included some photos of some pages that I embellished first, prior to pasting in the photos. You can do this either way, photos first or embellishments first, it’s entirely up to you. Sometimes it helps to lay out your photos first to get an idea of how you want the page to look, and add a few stickers or washi tape to the page after. Either method you choose, don’t over think it! That’s the whole idea behind the Smash Book, how effortless it is!!

I chose to glue down some of my photos, and attached some with washi tape. Since we had so many gorgeous photos from Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy, I decided to cascade them! My steps for that are below!

How to Cascade Scrapbook Photos

STEP 1: I began by gluing down the first photo at the bottom of the page. From there, I used washi tape to secure the next photo just above the first, beginning the cascade pattern. Important to note that the top piece of tape should be shorter than the photo itself (I actually cut down the tape in the above example later on).

STEP 2: From there I added a strip of washi tape to the back of the photo, further securing it to the page. This piece should also be shorter than the photo. You can see above that the top piece of tape was longer than my photo, and was coming up as I picked up the photo. I shortened that tape later on also, I meant to make a mistake at first, all in the sake of blogging 😉

STEP 3: After you’ve added all the photos to your cascade, it’s time to add “handles.” I used tiny scraps of washi tape and folded them in half, attaching to the front and back of each photo. This gives people something to grab as they’re flipping through your super easy scrapbook! Another tip is to consider using photos of you (or your loved ones) as the top photos in the cascade. Everyone likes seeing people in scrapbooks!

Here is my photo cascade from our excursion to Bodega Bay! I staggered all 5 photos to make it interesting, and easier to grab. You can cascade diagonally or stack your photos evenly, it’s entirely up to you! This method works on any type of scrapbook: imagine a daily or weekly record of your new baby, cascaded on pages of a Smash Book?! So cute!!

How to Cascade Scrapbook Photos (in 3 easy steps!)- Pin it for later!

How to Cascade Scrapbook Photos (in 3 easy steps!)- Pin it for later!

As I mentioned above, all of the materials that I picked up for this book are linked below. Please note, I do use Amazon’s Affiliate Program, I’ve got nothin’ but love for getting things in 2 days with Prime!


I hope I’ve inspired you to take your photos to the next level and elevate yourself to a Smash Book (or two)! Pick one up before your next vacation, or grab a book and use it for photos of your kids, pics from your wedding or other special event, or even regular dog pics! Goodness knows how many of those we have around our house!!

Happy Scrapping!


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