Guest Post: I’m on a Boat! – Bachelorette Party Tips

For the next installment of my Be a Better Bridesmaid Series, I decided to hand over the reigns to a great writer, Roxana! She has guest posted on SnapGinger before, and she can be found on Facebook and Twitter! Here are her tips for planning a Bachelorette Party on a boat!

Before you get hitched, you should definitely have one final go at the out of the marital bond fun the true girl way. That’s what bachelorette parties are for – to have a blast with your friends one last time before the wedding day and welcome the new, married stage of your life with a fresh and cheerful attitude. For a unique bachelorette party venue, try water-based venues: boat-borne bachelorette events offer a perfect setting during which you and your friends would be able to rock the boat the way you like it best. Don’t know how to stage one? Here, have a few tips. 

1. Pick the right vessel for the party

Based on the size of your bachelorette company, choose the vessel that can comfortably accommodate all your guests. I would strongly advise you against trying to cram a large party crowd in a tiny vessel – you will want to rock the boat in style, but every guest should have some decent breathing space unless you’re too eager to see your friends spilling their guts out in the most literal of terms. 

2. Choose the most convenient time of day

Depending on your partying preferences and available time before the big day, pick the time of day that’s most convenient for you and your friends. If you prefer a daytime picnic to a night of hard partying, find a boat that offers sun-soaked morning or afternoon cruises. Or, for a lengthy girl-only time, book a vessel for a whole day or even weekend cruise – these sailing getaways offer a brilliant way for future brides moving town to spend some quality time with their best friends before departure.

3. Something old, something new

To add an exciting twist to your bachelorette party, encourage your friends to try something new during the cruise and strengthen the friendship bonds experiencing new thrills together. For instance, you can incorporate a storytelling, handicraft or even scuba diving session in your party – or, try the old game of truth or dare and have fun while learning new things you never had a chance to find out about your friends before.

4. Dress up for the occasion

For a bachelorette cruise, you’ll definitely want to feel comfortable in your clothes, so don’t overdo the look for stylistic purposes – it will only land you sweating like there’s no tomorrow and uselessly trying to hide it. In spring and fall, go with warmer yet casual clothes and wide-brim hats. Avoid heels at all costs – however stable, boats are really not a place that calls for high fashion: you don’t want to slip or trip over something and cart off rolling across the deck.

5. Clean and freshen up your act

Cleanliness and catering deserve a top place on your bachelorette party priority list. Unless you really want to play the detective game with someone else’s garbage, spill stains and leftover grubs, hire boat cleaning professionals to tidy up the vessel before the party. Bring along some finger food or sandwiches and a stack of refreshments for your guests – you don’t want your party to be remembered as an event that went brilliantly except for the fact that the whole crowd tacitly starved to death and couldn’t wait the boat to dock to get some decent food and drinks.

I love all these tips! Want more Bridesmaid tips and tricks?! Click on the links below for tons of Bridesmaid info!


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