5 Steps to No Fail Smoothies

I love making smoothies, drinking smoothies and enjoying smoothies. But it takes a while to get your smoothie game down pat. I like being ready to make a smoothie any time the mood strikes me, so I have some steps to keep me prepared. A good smoothie is not just the sum of its ingredients, it comes down to the method too! I have all of my tips and tricks, condensed into 5 easy steps to no fail smoothies!

5 Steps to No Fail Smoothies

  1. Freeze lots of fruits and veggies in advance. Have leftover berries? Spread them on a baking sheet, freeze them, and store in a freezer baggie. Have super ripe bananas you’re not going to eat? Peel and chop them and freeze them in a baggie. Get a lot of spinach or kale from your CSA? Remove the leaves from the stems, store in freezer baggie and add to your smoothies by the handful! If you see frozen fruits on sale at the supermarket, stock up, your smoothie game will thank you!
  2. Substitute frozen fruits for ice. Your smoothies will be packed with flavor and nutrients and not watered down. The frozen fruit adds great consistency and flavor!
  3. Freeze other beverages for extra tasty smoothies. Put those ice cube trays to good use and freeze yourself some extra flavor bits. Once frozen, add your ice cubes to a freezer baggie for storage. Try freezing leftover coffee and adding to chocolate protein powder and your milk of choice for a mocha smoothie. Freezing fruit juices that are near their expiration date will help you to avoid wasting pricey juices, and will really boost your smoothie flavor profiles!
  4. Pick up milk that doesn’t require refrigeration. Do you want to be ready at all times to make a smoothie? Pick up some soy milk, coconut milk or regular milk that can be stored in the pantry so you’re always ready to make a smoothie!
  5. The order matters. I don’t know the exact physics reasoning behind it 🙂 But I swear the order of the smoothie matters! Add half the liquid first, then any powders, seeds and oils are up next, then greens, frozen fruits and lastly ice, if necessary. Top everything off with the second half of liquid, and follow my blending steps!  
    1. Start with your lowest setting (my blender has 3 settings) and blend until a nice cyclone begins to form. Move up to your middle setting and then highest setting. 
    2. Blend for 2-3 minutes until smooth.
    3. If your smoothie stops cycloning, stop blending, let the smoothie “burp,” and begin again with the lowest setting.

Want more smoothies in your life?! Try some of my recipes!


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