Be a Better Bridesmaid- Wedding Day Duties

Happy Wednesday lovelies!! And welcome to the next installment of my Be a Better Bridesmaid Series! On the docket for today is a list and description of your Wedding Day Duties! Without further ado, let’s get to it!



Wedding Day Duties

  • Feed and Hydrate the Bride– This one is important, that’s why it’s listed first! With the Wedding Day hustle and bustle, it’s easy for the Bride (and Bridal Party) to forget to eat and drink plenty of water! No one wants a hangry Bride, so pack snacks like granola bars, chips, pretzels and cookies for a pick me up. Toting around bottles of water and other drinks will keep the team, and most importantly the Bride, well hydrated and looking fresh for photos! Also, don’t forget to pop into Starbucks for the obligatory Bride and Bridesmaid cups!

  • Stick to the timeline– While having a relaxing and fun “getting ready” experience is key on the Wedding Day, it’s also important to stay on schedule. Remember the old “get her to the church on time” song? Well, that’s part of your job as Bridesmaid. The timeline was likely developed to make sure that all the important appointments were met: hair, makeup, limo, photos, etc. Make sure you help the Bride and rest of the Bridal Party stick to it!
  • Assist with transportation– Depending on the size of the Bridal Party and location of several key Wedding Day points, you might need to act as chauffeur for the day! If it can be avoided, the Bride shouldn’t be driving on her big day, it’s likely she’s got a million other things on her mind, and traffic laws would likely be low on the list (such is life). So make sure the Bride can easily get to and from her hair salon, makeup salon and the place where she’s getting dressed. This might also mean cleaning out the back seat to accommodate additional Bridesmaids, as parking can be limited. You will likely be traveling to the venue via limo, so reach out to the Bride in advance for the contact information and designate yourself in charge of getting picked up and transported safely!
  • Get the Bride dressed and ready– Of course, you will also need to do this, but your dress should hopefully be less complex than the Bride’s! She will need help getting into the dress, and avoiding makeup stains on the white fabric! If the dress has lots of buttons up the back, you should invest in a crochet hook to help with the button loops. I’ve linked up the one I gifted to my bestie for her Wedding Day below. It’s girly and pink of course! 😉 If possible, someone in the Bridal Party should also know exactly how to bustle the train on the dress. The Bride will need this done after the ceremony so she can dance her pants off! 

Make sure you have a sewing kit on hand, which I recommend here! The train bustle could go at any moment and might need to be sewn!

  • Carry your Bridal- Be- Prepared Kit– If you don’t know what I mean, check out this post!  I list out all of the necessary items to round out a kit that keeps you prepared for anything! I used the makeup setting and refreshing spray prior to photos on the Bride and other Bridesmaids, and the additional makeup was great for touch-ups after all that dancing! One more item I would recommend is gum or mints. I always have them in my purse and they were lifesavers on my bestie’s Wedding Day! (no pun intended)

  • Assist with last minute details– Your role in the Wedding Day doesn’t stop once you’ve gotten the Bride to the ceremony venue or reception site. There will likely be a million little details that could possibly get left  out. A good rule of thumb would be to get a punch list from the Bride that morning and make sure to check in with the Wedding Coordinator or Venue Coordinator to make sure that their list matches the Bride’s. If there are opportunities for you to pitch in, do so! This will help keep the Bride calm and allow for her to focus on having the best day ever!

I hope you’ve found these tips useful! Don’t forget to pin the checklist above for later!

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