3 Tips for an All Natural Garden

At our house, we have a vegetable garden, lovingly tended to by my honey. I do not have what they call a Green Thumb. He is amazing in the garden though! He inspired me to put together this post, featuring 3 tips to keep your garden all natural and pesticide free! What better way to eat organic, non-GMO, farm to table (or yard to table) foods than right from your own garden?! Here are my 3 tips!

1. Gardening with Coffee– recycle your old coffee grounds and use them as fertilizer for acid loving plants! Read all about this technique here!

2. Chemical Free Weed Killer–  Weeds in your garden got you down? Try making this environmentally safe pesticide to kill weeds popping up in pavement cracks or between paver stones. Pro tip: Spray on a hot sunny day for best results.

Combine the following  ingredients in a spray bottle:
One gallon of white vinegar
One cup of salt
One shot glass dish soap

3. Make Compost Tea– Mix equal parts compost and water and let it sit. Pour this liquid directly onto the soil around healthy, growing plants. For use on smaller seedlings, you will need to dilute this mixture by combining 4 parts water to 1 part compost. Any compost that has not gone into the solution can be used to make more tea or used in your garden. I sourced this tip here!

Do you have any great tips for an all natural garden?!


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