Guest Post: Six Amazing Accessories to Perk Up a Stale Style

Today I have a Guest Post from a talented freelancer, Brooke Chaplan. She describes herself as “a whole bucket of awkward” but, I can assure you, her style tips are anything but!  She’s a recent college grad and loves writing, running and hiking, so clearly we have tons in common! Without further ado, here are Brooke’s tips on updating a stale style!

Updating your style with accessories is necessary when you feel your style going flat. A stale style can make you feel tired, boring, and uninspired. Luckily you can use any of the six accessories listed here to revive your style and fashion sense. These six accessories are easy to wear and can be used to your advantage in a variety of ways.

Ladies who wear belts right can bring together an outfit that would be drab in any other situation. A belt that cinches your waist in a dress will help add shape that the dress doesn’t have otherwise, and a good belt with a pair or jeans or pants will improve any outfit you choose. A shiny belt with a bit of embellishment will turn jeans and tan slacks into something that belongs on the runway.

Layering necklaces helps you create more color and interest around your face. Your necklaces may cover your chest in an open top, or use the necklaces front and center in a sweater. Choose the three or four necklaces you love to wear separately and see how they look combined.

Good shoes can pick up any tired outfit. A nice pair of wedges will dress up a skirt, and your best pumps will make your jeans look like dress pants. It’s a simple way to create a more formal look with something simple like shoes. Add a pop of color and buy a pair you don’t think will go with anything. Use them in ensembles of neutral color to bring out a fun interesting look.

Good handbags will draw attention away from casual every day outfits, and can work to create a more formal look. A good handbag could be part of your signature style, or you can alternate between many different types for an ever changing accessory piece. Good handbags will change everything about your look without a lot of expense.

Jackets And Coats
A nice jacket or coat can help make an ensemble look more formal without a huge price tag. A nice jacket will make even the most casual outfit look formal, and a lovely colored raincoat will make you look like you belong in the boardroom or on the runway. Go for buttons and cinches if you need more structure and find a good blazer that fits for an elegant piece that goes with anything.

If you wear glasses regularly or even occasionally, use your new prescription as an opportunity to find new frames. A vintage style frame can swing your entire wardrobe in a new direction. Find new pairs at your optometrists’ or search online at places like Marvel Optics, where you can find a variety of styles and have the option to order women’s glasses online.

Dress yourself up with every accessory listed here to improve a bland style. Have fun with colors, new pieces, and beautiful embellishments. Even just a few new accessories can turn an old wardrobe new again without spending all your time trying on new clothes. 

If you loved Brooke’s tips and tricks as much as I did, you can follow her on social media using the links below!


Thanks Brooke!


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