Packing SPack for a Girls Getaway

What is SPack you say? Well, I would love to tell you all about this great little product! I stumbled upon SPack a few months ago on one of my favorite Bridesmaid research sites, The Bach, and I thought they would be adorable for a Bachelorette Party Survival Kit! I of course pinned their site, and when SPack reached out to me for a collaboration, I was beyond excited and jumped at the chance to review these mini wonders!

An SPack is a small plastic pouch filled with everything you might need for a night out, a trip to the gym, an outdoor adventure or a weekend getaway. In each SPack you’ll find 2 deodorant wipes, 1 face wipe, 1 hair tie, a mini toothbrush and toothpaste. Everything right?! How many times have you gone somewhere and forgotten toothpaste?! Or have been in need of a makeup wipe to remove stubborn eye makeup?! I’ve been in too many hotels with the roughest tissues ever, and settled for day 2 mascara and liner- no bueno. And no more! Not with SPack in your bag!

See what I mean>! The packs are perfectly purse-sized and will have you ready for anything! You can buy a single use pack (boring) or in packs of 4 or 24. How perfect for a Girls Getaway! The pricing on the 24 pack means you’re getting each little goodie bag for $3.75! AND they’re cute enough to be favors for any sleepover party! Inexpensive and ever-so-useful!

I received a 4 pack from SPack and the package itself would fit perfectly into any carry-on. You can be just like Santa and hand them out to your girlfriends upon arrival at your destination. Or, if you’re having the ladies over to your place, have the SPacks ready and waiting for each guest. Place an SPack on top of guest towels with a wrapped soap (“acquired” from various hotels) and  your guests will feel right at home!

I took two SPacks and included them in a Bridal Shower gift, along with a mini manicure kit, an assortment of nail polishes and a purse sized hand cream variety pack. This Bride-to-Be will be ready to go for any activity, especially her Wedding Day!

I packed up another with a great cosmetic kit from Bare Minerals, and a few other beauty products for a knock out birthday gift!

The last one I tossed in my gym bag so I can freshen up before or after any workout. If you’re going to the gym straight from work, you can use the makeup remover wipe to cleanse, and the hair tie to tame your tresses. Need to run a few errands after the gym? Brush your teeth, swipe on a deodorant wipe and you’re fresh and ready!

The possibilities are endless for this tiny little packet! Already opened your SPack but want to save the toothbrush and toothpaste? Grab a tiny snacker Ziploc baggie and stash your items in any purse for a quick cleanse at the office or on the go. If you’re like me, you’ve been at a sporting event or concert and just felt really gross after hot dogs and beer, this is where the SPack would come in handy!

I hope I’ve inspired you to pick up an SPack (or 4) for your next Girls Getaway. You can shop their site here!

**Disclosure- The product featured in this review was provided to me for consideration.  This in no way influenced my experience with the product- all opinions are my own, and I was not paid to write this review. If you would like to read more about my Privacy Disclosure click here. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep SnapGinger snapping!


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