Happy Birthday Roxy from Martha Stewart Pets

Roxy turns 3 today, and what better way to celebrate than with a treasure trove of goodies from Martha Stewart Pets from PetSmart?! The kind folks at MS sent over some amazing gifts for my little girlie on her special day, and you will love how cute they are! Here’s Roxy’s Martha Stewart Pets from PetSmart photo shoot, and links to all the fun products she received!

First up is my favorite, and Roxy’s too, her new Kiss me it’s my Birthday shirt! I mean, how darling is that?! Is this one just the cutest model you’ve ever seen?! 

So slimming! 😉

Next up is her new piggy! It’s a teether with a squeeker and she clearly enjoyed it! She also promptly ripped it apart because that is what Roxy does! Roxy, destroyer of all toys!

NOM NOM NOM {I must rip you apart}

It really is such a cute toy though, and makes me want to try this giraffe blanket toy also, because I think she’d really get a kick out of it!

How freaking good of a girlie is she when she sits so pretty?! Especially in her new collar! It’s the Botanical Adjustable collar and it is perfect for any special occasion, like her birthday, or my dad’s birthday (because I totally dressed her up for the day and he loved it)! hahaha

Lastly, the team at Martha Stewart Pets from PetSmart sent over Happy Birthday Hair bows, which Ms Diva Roxy was just not feeling. I couldn’t keep them on long enough for a pic, she was very scared of them! haha It must be those huge ears! They are really adorable though, and I’m sure other non-rabbit eared dogs would leave them on for more than 10 seconds!

Overall the entire line from Martha Stewart Pets from PetSmart is great for celebrations, big and small, they even have a wedding section! I mean, this collar and leash combo?! So perfect!!

The products are great quality, reasonably priced and so darn adorable! Let me know if you pick up anything from the line for your beloved canine!

**Disclosure- The product featured in this review was provided to me for consideration.  This in no way influenced my experience with the product- all opinions are my own, and I was not paid to write this review. If you would like to read more about my Privacy Disclosure click here. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep SnapGinger snapping!


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