Easy Guide to Mornings

I detest waking up in the morning- I mean, how good does your bed feel right after your alarm goes off? It’s almost like it took you the entire night to find the most comfortable spot and you’re forced to leave it as soon as you do. Follow my tips and tricks to get that Sunday Morning feeling every day, and always start off on the right side of the bed!

Easy Guide to Mornings

Stretch, meditate or get moving first thing! I like to take time for an early run, or a restorative yoga class in the morning. There is nothing more invigorating than waking up and getting active, and it is relaxing knowing that your workout is out of the way for the day! I am also trying to get into a routing of morning meditation, I think there is so much value in waking up and grounding yourself, focusing in your goals and being thankful for all that is good in your life! Life is good!

Place 2 spoons in the freezer when you wake up. After you brush your teeth, wash your face and make your coffee, grab the spoons and place them over your eyes. The cooling sensation will wake you up, depuff under eye bags and refresh your delicate under eye skin!

Speaking of coffee, make your coffee! Set a timer the night before if you have a fancy schmancy programmable coffee maker, or ask your honey to do it if he/she is up first! Make sure to have lots of healthy coffee additives (trying to kick the creamer habit right here) and try soy milk, coconut milk and sweetener made from stevia or another natural plant.

Also try to drink a glass of water upon waking up. I keep water on my bedside table so it’s ready for me to drink in the am. I also wash down my vitamins and biotin with some water in the am. I’ve heard great things about adding lemon to your morning water also, why not try it?

For extra hydration, spritz your face with a refreshing facial spray after your morning shower and prior to putting on your makeup for that wide awake and lots of sleep feeling!

Now that you’re hydrated and refreshed, have your 5 minute makeup routine queued up and ready to roll! Here is my routine, and a few gems from my fave YouTube Beauty Vloggers!

Make a quick and healthy breakfast, or prepare something in advance, like overnight oats! Here are 10 of my favorites! Avocado toast for life!!!!

I hope you got some great ideas and make better habits for your easy mornings from my guide! What are some of your favorite morning tips?


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