School Supplies for Grown Ups

While we may not go “Back to School” per se, Fall marks the end of the summer vacation season. So, as Grown Ups, we are “Back to Work,” so why shouldn’t we get some shiny new supplies to make our days better and brighter?! Shop my picks below, through my Amazon Affiliate links!

First up, some special treats for your morning coffee, or water fix!


Next, some beauty care essentials to boost your mood and make you feel glamorous!


Get ready for your own arts & crafts session with these crafty options!


Don’t feel like you did enough summer reading? Have a Fall reading parties, or start a book club! Also, if you didn’t read the first books from both Jenny Lawson and Mindy Kahling, you must, right now!!


Lastly, why not spruce up your desk just in time to get back to work? I love some of these playful, colorful and glittery options!


What’s on your “Back to School” shopping list?!


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