Guest Post: 2015 Fall Fashions: Are Skinny Jeans Finally Being Shelved?

Today I have another Guest Post from a talented freelancer, Brooke Chaplan. She recently contributed a great style post to, and she loves writing, running and hiking, so clearly we have tons in common! Read on to see if we’re {finally} going to be able to stash our skinny jeans!

While there’s a certain undeniable magnetic draw to slipping on that curve-hugging little black dress that teases just above the knees, the classic pair of jeans has never gone out of style when the situation calls for something a bit more casual. For many ladies, nothing beats pulling those favorite, fits-like-a-glove, denim jeans and accenting them with a vintage tee or a slightly more adventurous, dressy top. The fashion staple that evolved from dungarees into the blue jeans we know and love today is a wardrobe essential that can be dressed up or down, for day or night, and continues to endure in a myriad of styles.

As we examine the 2015 fall fashion trends, many industry insiders have reported that the long reign of the skinny jean fad is coming to an end. In fact, more than a few sources have cited celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jennifer Lopez trading in their skinnies for a more flaring denim, recalling a time when bell-bottoms ruled the runway.

For those with a keen memory, there was an attempted resurgence of sorts for this fashion expression in the ‘90s when boot-cut jeans made an appearance, and a rather rapid exit. 

Is this really the death of skinny jeans, and where does this all fit in to the 2015 fall fashion landscape?

From Cropped “Denim Pants” to the Endurance of Distressed Jeans: Looking Into the Fall 2015 Fashion Kaleidoscope
Depending on your location, the fall season brings memories of hay rides, gorgeous orange and red leaves, Halloween parties, and that unmistakable aroma in the air signaling the temperature changing. It’s time to get back into those denims.

The upcoming Autumn season is bringing with it some trend-changing styles in the casual department, including cropped/culottes ¾ length denim pants from the likes of Atos Lombardini, 6397, Marc Jacobs, Paul & Joe and Natali Leskova. Grey denim and asphalt-colored jeans from Chanel, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, Vanessa Seward and more. High-waist denim pants with a silhouette that harkens back to vintage 1970s styles from collections belonging to Vetements, Guy Laroche, Each x Other and more and distressed and ripped jeans guaranteed to make one feel like a real rock star.

So…if Skinny Jeans Aren’t Really “In” This Season, What Is?
The closest we’re going to get to the skinny jean feel this fall and winter is the boyfriend cut, which is expected to endure for everyday wear; other than that, expect to see flared and boot-cut jeans – but in styles rudimentarily evolved from the 90s look. We are also seeing unique pieces like the $1,450 upcycled jeans from Vetements. The shearling-lined denim jacket, navel-gazing flares, and polished patchwork cape from Chloe. Dark denim dress from Karen Walker, and 6397’s Loose Skinny jeans, bridging the gap between the old skinnies and what’s in this fall.

In considering all the codes of the street, it’s denim that remains an absolute staple in how we dress every day. As we enter 2015 and beyond, the denim aspect is getting flipped on its ear by many designers, but there’s still no denying the draw of a great-fitting pair of jeans, a fashion icon that greets us like an old friend when we pull them out of the dresser. They instill a sense of familiarity more formal, ensemble pieces can’t. When shopping for the perfect denim look this fall and winter, keep your eyes peeled for special offers like coupon codes for and other big name brand retailers. You’ll be sure to find the perfect pair in no time! 

If you loved Brooke’s tips and tricks as much as I did, you can follow her on social media using the links below!


Thanks Brooke!


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