Guest Post: What Shoes are Making a Splash on the Runway This Season?

Today I have another Guest Post from a talented freelancer, Brooke Chaplan. She recently contributed some great Guest Posts to, and she loves writing, running and hiking, so clearly we have tons in common! Want the skinny on this seasons hottest shoes? Brooke has all the details below for you!

Who doesn’t love a fabulous new pair of shoes? With the new Fall season coming up, it’s time fashionistas everywhere check out the hottest shoes trends walking down the runways. There are many stylish, fresh, and exciting shoe styles going on at the moment and you don’t want to miss out!

Stylish Sandals
Many of the shoes that have recently made positive impressions on the runways are sandals. Casual and comfortable sandals nowadays can be considered just as attractive and chic as more formal footwear options. Some examples of sandals that are popular at the moment include extreme gladiator styles and chunky wedge sandals. The heavy chunky sandal look seems to have revived from the 90’s and is having great success with many designers on the runway.

Gladiator Boots
If you’re looking for intensity and drama in your footwear, gladiator boots are a current shoe fashion you should definitely add to your closet. These cutout boots go up to the knees and are the perfect look for dressing up an otherwise undramatic outfit. The boots versus the sandals will better keep you warm and stay up all day.

Cutout Flats
If you’re all about pure simplicity and comfort in your daily footwear choices, then you’ll love the current style of classic cutout flats. These flats are ideal for daily wear. Not only do they make the feet feel comfortable and cozy, but are also easy to put on. With low heels, these slip on shoes are perfect for people who appreciate convenience. Cutout flats are also available in a vast assortment of colors and designs. Whether you like solid navy blue or exotic animal prints, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair to wear.

Leather Patchwork Boots
Fashionistas who adore looking effortlessly chic are sure to love the current footwear fashion of leather patchwork boots, complete with simplistic wooden heels. Not only do these boots look serious and no-nonsense, but also possess cozy patchwork designs that are inviting and familiar. If you want to look and feel a wonderful blend of comfort and runway-ready, then there’s no better fashion option in footwear for Fall. Denim designs have also been seen on runways from New York to Milan.

Leather and Wool Boots
Leather and wool boots are another attractive current footwear trend and a mainstay of classic looks. If you want your legs to feel warm and protected, these boots will have you grinning every time you wear them. If you want to buy inexpensive versions of these boots and other varieties of footwear, be sure to check out some of the great deals available from Discountrue which hosts brand names and great discounts and coupons for Kohl’s and other stores.

This Fall season make a splash with these runway approved footwear designs. Take a chance and try something you might not otherwise! 

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Thanks Brooke!

Guest Post: Raw Food Detox for Maintaining your Summer Body

Who else hates giving up their sleek summer physique, in exchange for lumpy, boxy and thicker winter skin? I def do, and so does my guest poster today, Roxana! She has guest posted on SnapGinger before, and she can be found on Facebook and Twitter! Here are her tips for a raw food detox!

Demi Moore is one of the amazing celebrities that looks like she never ages. She claims that one of her secrets is her raw food diet and regular raw food detox. There are many people who do the same. Some people even report long periods of time eating raw and that it made them look and feel just perfect. Others don’t eat exclusively raw. But, if you want to keep your summer body, you can definitely use some tips and tricks of raw dieting. Here are some things that are worth remembering about raw food detox.

·         Fruits for Breakfast. Most of people didn’t find this change hard at all. Actually, this is one change to the raw diet that most people fully embraced. Use strawberries, flax seed, water and a little bit of almond milk. Simply blend them together and drink it up. Strawberries don’t have a lot of calories and they have vitamin C and fiber. Flax seed is very healthy and it will help digestion. Your options are limitless. Enjoy all the watermelon and citruses that you can. Those fruits and vegetables do wonders for detoxification.  

·         Nuts. You need to be very careful with nuts and seeds. As much as you love them, you need to make some choices because nuts are sometimes hard to digest. That slows down your detoxification process. Pick chia seeds instead of too much nuts. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Ellie Goulding are known for using a lot of chia seeds in their recipes.

·         Green Smoothies. You can find thousands of green smoothie recipes online. Everybody just loves these. They are tasty and you can tell that you are doing something good for your body when you have them. My favorite one is very easy to make. I basically mix apple, romaine, cilantro and parsley. I use filtered water to make it, but for a little bit luxurious version, I add coconut water.

·         Better Choices. Detoxing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live like a hermit. Avoid coffee, but enjoy your amazing and luxurious herbal tea. It tastes better, anyway. Since I moved to Sydney, all of my friends know that I have this habit of going raw from time to time. I love the fact that, I can just go online and order a huge box of fresh fruit from my friends over at IN2Fruit, and make my smoothies and fruit salads all week long. It’s very convenient, and I’m sure wherever you live there is similar options!

·         Forbidden Fruits. Forbidden fruits aren’t exactly fruits at all. It’s alcohol, coffee, fried and baked food and all sorts of highly processed food. You should also stay away from tofu, too much diary, chocolate and milk. Even a celebrity like Woody Harrelson puts some restraints on his diet. He even wrote a book on raw food that includes things to avoid.

You don’t have to change your lifestyle entirely.  Still, you could definitely use at least one week a month of eating raw. That would allow your body to recover from all the toxins that accumulate due to overly processed foods. For most people, occasional raw food detox works perfectly. It does wonders for your physical and mental health. Moreover, each time you undergo this type of detox, it gets easier and easier for you to do it.

Guest Post: The Bachelorette Weekend: Beach Edition

Today I have a Guest Post from Ron that covers a subject near and dear to my heart: The Bachelorette Party! Ron is taking a break from blogging over at The American Wedding Blog and sharing some great Beach Bachelorette ideas with you!

There are many appealing aspects of a summer wedding. Great weather, outdoor venues, destination weddings. However, not every bride and groom can afford to take their wedding party and all the guests to a costly exotic location.  
So, if the bride in your life is a beach bum, why not take the bachelorette party to the seaside for a weekend! This will be a great way for everyone to get away from all the wedding drama and have some fun in the sun.  
Once you have decided that you and the girls want to go on a weekend escape to the beach, the hard part is narrowing down exactly where the bachelorette weekend should take place. Here we have compiled a list of the top budget-friendly beach retreats:  

  • Culebra, Puerto Rico  

For bridal parties with a slightly larger budget, Puerto Rico serves as a great location for long weekend getaway. The Caribbean island definitely has a tropical feel, but, since it is a U.S. territory, you won’t need a passport to get here. Plus, your flight won’t break the bank, with rates usually under 200 dollars for a one-way ticket!  
With beautiful, uncrowded beaches, Culebra is a great spot to de-stress with your toes in the sand. Snorkel, kayak, and swim in the crystal clear waters. Explore local Puerto Rican food and enjoy a Pina Colada.  

  • South County, RI  

For seafood fanatics, the beaches of South County, Rhode Island are a New England favorite. With over 100 miles of serene coastline, with plenty of fishing, swimming, and nature explorations, South County is the perfect beach getaway for the active bridal party!   

  • St. Petersburg-Clearwater. FL  

Head to Florida’s west coast to enjoy the white sand beaches and plenty of sunshine that St. Petersburg-Clearwater has to offer. With a wide selection of beaches, and cheap day and night activities to do, this destination will be a crowd pleaser!  
Catch a Rays game, or enjoy one of the city’s many festivals when in town. Munch on cheap but tasty seafood, and then enjoy a night or two out with St. Petersburg’s extensive nightlife offerings.  

  • Huntington Beach, CA

Rounding out the list of beach getaways is Surf City USA! Surf the waves of 10-mile-long uninterrupted beaches and get a taste of the Southern California lifestyle.  
There are plenty of shopping, art & culture tours, and sports activities to fill your itinerary.  
No matter which beach destination you chose for your perfect bachelorette weekend spot, your group is sure to have a blast! Soak up as much sun as you can and surf the waves of these budget friendly favorites.  

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