Guest Post: The Bachelorette Weekend: Beach Edition

Today I have a Guest Post from Ron that covers a subject near and dear to my heart: The Bachelorette Party! Ron is taking a break from blogging over at The American Wedding Blog and sharing some great Beach Bachelorette ideas with you!

There are many appealing aspects of a summer wedding. Great weather, outdoor venues, destination weddings. However, not every bride and groom can afford to take their wedding party and all the guests to a costly exotic location.  
So, if the bride in your life is a beach bum, why not take the bachelorette party to the seaside for a weekend! This will be a great way for everyone to get away from all the wedding drama and have some fun in the sun.  
Once you have decided that you and the girls want to go on a weekend escape to the beach, the hard part is narrowing down exactly where the bachelorette weekend should take place. Here we have compiled a list of the top budget-friendly beach retreats:  

  • Culebra, Puerto Rico  

For bridal parties with a slightly larger budget, Puerto Rico serves as a great location for long weekend getaway. The Caribbean island definitely has a tropical feel, but, since it is a U.S. territory, you won’t need a passport to get here. Plus, your flight won’t break the bank, with rates usually under 200 dollars for a one-way ticket!  
With beautiful, uncrowded beaches, Culebra is a great spot to de-stress with your toes in the sand. Snorkel, kayak, and swim in the crystal clear waters. Explore local Puerto Rican food and enjoy a Pina Colada.  

  • South County, RI  

For seafood fanatics, the beaches of South County, Rhode Island are a New England favorite. With over 100 miles of serene coastline, with plenty of fishing, swimming, and nature explorations, South County is the perfect beach getaway for the active bridal party!   

  • St. Petersburg-Clearwater. FL  

Head to Florida’s west coast to enjoy the white sand beaches and plenty of sunshine that St. Petersburg-Clearwater has to offer. With a wide selection of beaches, and cheap day and night activities to do, this destination will be a crowd pleaser!  
Catch a Rays game, or enjoy one of the city’s many festivals when in town. Munch on cheap but tasty seafood, and then enjoy a night or two out with St. Petersburg’s extensive nightlife offerings.  

  • Huntington Beach, CA

Rounding out the list of beach getaways is Surf City USA! Surf the waves of 10-mile-long uninterrupted beaches and get a taste of the Southern California lifestyle.  
There are plenty of shopping, art & culture tours, and sports activities to fill your itinerary.  
No matter which beach destination you chose for your perfect bachelorette weekend spot, your group is sure to have a blast! Soak up as much sun as you can and surf the waves of these budget friendly favorites.  

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