Guest Post: Raw Food Detox for Maintaining your Summer Body

Who else hates giving up their sleek summer physique, in exchange for lumpy, boxy and thicker winter skin? I def do, and so does my guest poster today, Roxana! She has guest posted on SnapGinger before, and she can be found on Facebook and Twitter! Here are her tips for a raw food detox!

Demi Moore is one of the amazing celebrities that looks like she never ages. She claims that one of her secrets is her raw food diet and regular raw food detox. There are many people who do the same. Some people even report long periods of time eating raw and that it made them look and feel just perfect. Others don’t eat exclusively raw. But, if you want to keep your summer body, you can definitely use some tips and tricks of raw dieting. Here are some things that are worth remembering about raw food detox.

·         Fruits for Breakfast. Most of people didn’t find this change hard at all. Actually, this is one change to the raw diet that most people fully embraced. Use strawberries, flax seed, water and a little bit of almond milk. Simply blend them together and drink it up. Strawberries don’t have a lot of calories and they have vitamin C and fiber. Flax seed is very healthy and it will help digestion. Your options are limitless. Enjoy all the watermelon and citruses that you can. Those fruits and vegetables do wonders for detoxification.  

·         Nuts. You need to be very careful with nuts and seeds. As much as you love them, you need to make some choices because nuts are sometimes hard to digest. That slows down your detoxification process. Pick chia seeds instead of too much nuts. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Ellie Goulding are known for using a lot of chia seeds in their recipes.

·         Green Smoothies. You can find thousands of green smoothie recipes online. Everybody just loves these. They are tasty and you can tell that you are doing something good for your body when you have them. My favorite one is very easy to make. I basically mix apple, romaine, cilantro and parsley. I use filtered water to make it, but for a little bit luxurious version, I add coconut water.

·         Better Choices. Detoxing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live like a hermit. Avoid coffee, but enjoy your amazing and luxurious herbal tea. It tastes better, anyway. Since I moved to Sydney, all of my friends know that I have this habit of going raw from time to time. I love the fact that, I can just go online and order a huge box of fresh fruit from my friends over at IN2Fruit, and make my smoothies and fruit salads all week long. It’s very convenient, and I’m sure wherever you live there is similar options!

·         Forbidden Fruits. Forbidden fruits aren’t exactly fruits at all. It’s alcohol, coffee, fried and baked food and all sorts of highly processed food. You should also stay away from tofu, too much diary, chocolate and milk. Even a celebrity like Woody Harrelson puts some restraints on his diet. He even wrote a book on raw food that includes things to avoid.

You don’t have to change your lifestyle entirely.  Still, you could definitely use at least one week a month of eating raw. That would allow your body to recover from all the toxins that accumulate due to overly processed foods. For most people, occasional raw food detox works perfectly. It does wonders for your physical and mental health. Moreover, each time you undergo this type of detox, it gets easier and easier for you to do it.


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