Guest Post: What Shoes are Making a Splash on the Runway This Season?

Today I have another Guest Post from a talented freelancer, Brooke Chaplan. She recently contributed some great Guest Posts to, and she loves writing, running and hiking, so clearly we have tons in common! Want the skinny on this seasons hottest shoes? Brooke has all the details below for you!

Who doesn’t love a fabulous new pair of shoes? With the new Fall season coming up, it’s time fashionistas everywhere check out the hottest shoes trends walking down the runways. There are many stylish, fresh, and exciting shoe styles going on at the moment and you don’t want to miss out!

Stylish Sandals
Many of the shoes that have recently made positive impressions on the runways are sandals. Casual and comfortable sandals nowadays can be considered just as attractive and chic as more formal footwear options. Some examples of sandals that are popular at the moment include extreme gladiator styles and chunky wedge sandals. The heavy chunky sandal look seems to have revived from the 90’s and is having great success with many designers on the runway.

Gladiator Boots
If you’re looking for intensity and drama in your footwear, gladiator boots are a current shoe fashion you should definitely add to your closet. These cutout boots go up to the knees and are the perfect look for dressing up an otherwise undramatic outfit. The boots versus the sandals will better keep you warm and stay up all day.

Cutout Flats
If you’re all about pure simplicity and comfort in your daily footwear choices, then you’ll love the current style of classic cutout flats. These flats are ideal for daily wear. Not only do they make the feet feel comfortable and cozy, but are also easy to put on. With low heels, these slip on shoes are perfect for people who appreciate convenience. Cutout flats are also available in a vast assortment of colors and designs. Whether you like solid navy blue or exotic animal prints, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair to wear.

Leather Patchwork Boots
Fashionistas who adore looking effortlessly chic are sure to love the current footwear fashion of leather patchwork boots, complete with simplistic wooden heels. Not only do these boots look serious and no-nonsense, but also possess cozy patchwork designs that are inviting and familiar. If you want to look and feel a wonderful blend of comfort and runway-ready, then there’s no better fashion option in footwear for Fall. Denim designs have also been seen on runways from New York to Milan.

Leather and Wool Boots
Leather and wool boots are another attractive current footwear trend and a mainstay of classic looks. If you want your legs to feel warm and protected, these boots will have you grinning every time you wear them. If you want to buy inexpensive versions of these boots and other varieties of footwear, be sure to check out some of the great deals available from Discountrue which hosts brand names and great discounts and coupons for Kohl’s and other stores.

This Fall season make a splash with these runway approved footwear designs. Take a chance and try something you might not otherwise! 

To follow Brooke for more fashion commentary, follow her on social media using the links below!


Thanks Brooke!


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